Do you work with the Muslim community and want to know more about their faith? Don’t know what to believe in the media? Would you like to dispel myths and learn about this world religion?

Who is it for?

  • Those who want to increase their knowledge and understanding of Islam
  • Non-Muslim Public and Private Sector professionals such as: managers, teachers, police, social workers, probation service staff etc. working with Muslim communities
  • Those who are responsible for developing community cohesion strategies and action plans
  • Religious groups of other faiths

This 1 day course has been specifically designed to raise awareness and improve understanding of this world religion. The course will also give you an insight on what Islam has contributed to the West, thus dispelling myths and common misconceptions.


  • Islamic Culture
  • Key Terms & Concepts
  • Clarifying Misconceptions
  • Beliefs
  • Women in Islam
  • Muslim Contribution to the World
  • Islam & Terrorism