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Offering a first class service to the Public, Private and Third Sectors  



Sometimes your organisation may be looking for external, independent professional advice.   


Course: Engaging Young People

A full day course which provides a practical and systematic method to developing inclusive practice for youth and community groups.


Course: Understanding Culture

A workshop looking at key terms and concepts around culture and diversity.                  

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  • Course: Engaging Young People
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Offering a first class service to the Public, Private and Third Sectors

Muslim Youth Skills aims to equip individuals and organisations who work with young people and community groups to be competent and confident about their work. We do this by providing consultancy and a range of training, workshops and seminars for individuals and organisations.


Our courses are suitable for people at all levels. They range from hourly, full and half-day courses and In-house sessions. Apart from our packaged training, we offer a tailored service; we will develop the final agenda with you to deliver exactly the training you want, at the level you need, within the timeframe you decide. We are happy to visit you to discuss your needs.


Why are we unique?

Muslim Youth Skills draws upon over a decade of experience in the youth and community work field. Our trainers and consultants come form various professions, thus enriching the services that we offer. Although our services combine an understanding of religious, cultural and spiritual needs of Muslims specifically, our service is not exclusive to this community. Many of our programmes and workshops respond to wider social issues.


We believe in the contribution that all young people can make to the vibrancy of any community, given the chance; unlocking their potential is the challenge that lies ahead of us. Muslim Youth Skills has dedicated itself to working towards this aim.


What Our Clients Said...

  • " May I take this opportunity to thank you for the work you did for us in facilitating the workshop at our AGM conference. You will be interested to know that we had very positive feed back on your presentation. "

    - NCVYS (National Council for Voluntary Youth Services)
  • " Thank you both very much. A very difficult subject handled well. "

    - Police officer
  • " Best programme i've been on! "

    - Thomas
  • " I would recommend this course to other workers in our service, Youth Offending Team, Youth Development and Support Service "

    - Patrick
  • " I have been inspired to a lot more with my life "

    - Hamza
  • " We need to organise more of these sessions to enable engagement. "

    - International Symposium on Tackling Extremism
  • " This course provided a lot of material to consider around my work with those 'hard to reach' "

    - Claire
  • " This course broadened my knowledge on how youth work can be applied in a Muslim youth work setting "

    - Yasmin
  • " I have learned what components make up culture and what to be aware of when working with members of the community "

    - Martin
  • " My personal thoughts on this event is that this is very educational and if these events take place more around the country more youngsters would take part. I learned about respect and participating "

    - Shahid